PCB Design

DALIAN BLD ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. currently has a design team with average three year’s experience,which has begun to take shape and become an important link for providing PCB design—fabricate board—SMT one stop service of whole process.


  • Provide PCB circuit design,BOM and diagram drawings.
  • Ten years of Professional experience -PCB copy , Design, Redesign.
  • Specializes high-difficulty, multi-layer copy, design.
  • Applications variety of software , adapt to different customer.

1.PCB schematic diagram to fabricate

The schematic needs to be complete, and verified by the customer, prior to PCB design start.

pcb  design chart

2.Board Outline

(1).You can draw the board outline and share that with us directly (Recommended).

(2).You can supply IDF file from Mechanical CAD tool.(Some CAD tool IDF files may not be able to be imported)

pcb design

3.PCB Layout design

PCB Layout Services Include:

  • Providing expertise for the physical layout of your completed schematic design. Working from a CAD tool design file, or a netlist are strongly preferred.
  • Performing the physical layout of your design , our free-to-use, fully-functional PCB design tool.
  • During pcb manufacturing, you can add any additional services (electrical test, assembly via Screaming Circuits, etc.).
  • Delivering to you the design file along with your finished PCB boards
PCB design

PCB Design

No. Item Specification
1 PCB Layers 1 to 24 layers
2 PCB Max working panel area 457 x 610 mm
3 Min board thickness 4 layer: 0.40mm
6 layer: 0.80mm
8 layer: 1.00mm
10 layer: 1.20mm
4 Min trace width 0.10mm
5 Min spacing 0.10mm
6 Min hole diameter 0.20mm
7 Min Copper thickness in hole 0.020mm
8 PTH size tolerance ±0.05mm
9 NPTH size tolerance ±0.025mm
10 Hole position tolerance ±0.05mm
11 Dimension tolerance ±0.1mm
12 Min solder mask dam 0.08mm
13 Insulation resistance 1E+12Ω (normal condition)
14 Max Board thickness/Hole size Rate 10:1
15 Thermal shock endurance 288 3 times in 10sec
16 Max Board twist and wrap ≤0.7%
17 High Vlotage endurance 1.3KV/mm
18 Copper foil peel off endurance 1.4N/mm
19 Hardness of resist ink ≥6H
20 Flame resistance 94V-0
21 Impedance control ±5%
22 Certificate ISO 9001:2000;ISO 14001;ISO/TS16949:2002 ,      UL E203640