PCB clone

Introduction the copy board

PCB copy means cloning the circuit board, producing samples, replacing components, making BOM list, derived schematic.

Categorize the PCB copy

circuit board cloning
assembled circuit board cloning.

Resources of circuit board cloning

We have the international advanced scanning equipment, a professional senior PCB copy engineer team. So we are in a position to master the structure and mode of circuit board, and clone the circuit board which is 100% same as original sample. At the same time, we also can make a little change of circuit board according to customer’s demand to meet customer requirements.

pcb board
pcb copy

What we need from customer before pcb clone:

circuit board clone: 1 piece of PCB sample
assembled PCB clone: 2 pieces PCBA sample in case of Chip-Decoding

What we offer after pcb clone:

GERBER file,
BOM list,
Electrical diagram,

Flow chart of the copy pcb board

pcb copy,pcba copy