A Flexible PCB offers dynamic options for various applications so thus why a popular option compared to other printed circuit boards. Depending on the flexible PCB thickness, flex circuits can be shaped to fit where other types would not fair so well. See some examples of our flexible PCB design:

Flexible PCB

For those who are looking to develop a flexible PCB prototype or take their production to the next level, BLD-PCB Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., can handle the whole flexible PCB manufacturing process so you can concentrate on the finished product which would incorporate this technology. While some may consider DIY flexible PCB, their applications are mostly for hobbyists and/or students. Full production of quality flexible PCBs at a reasonable cost is our speciality so contact us today to learn more.


Layers No.:                                       1-6layers

Finished Board Size:                       Min.:10x45mm  Max.:250x1200mm

Available Laminates Material:        PI.PET,FR4-PI

Finished Board Thickness tol:       ±0.01mm

Finished hole diameter(Min.):        0.1mm

Finished hole diameter(Max):        0.6mm

NPTH Hole diameter tolerance:      ±0.025mm

PTH hole diameter tolerance:         ±0.050mm

Copper foil thickness :                    12um,18um,35um,70um

Circuit width/spacing(Min.):            ≥0.065mm(1/2oz)≥0.05mm(1/3oz)

Surface Finished type:                    OSP.Gold plating,Immersion Gold,Tin plating(lead free)etc.

Gold Flash Ni/Au thickness:            Ni:2.54-9um Au:0.025-0.5um

Immersion Tin thickness:                0.7-1.2um

Tin plating thickness:                      3-15um

Drill position tolerance:                  ±0.05mm

Punching  tolerance:                       ±0.05mm

Certificate:                                        ROHS,UL,ISO9001 etc