What information (files and data) do I need to send you to confirm pricing and place order?

A:  We require the following files for every pcb assembly order:
1) Cad-generated pcb assembly BOM list (or .xls spreadsheet). The BOM needs reference designators, value, package/decal, description, and part number.
2) Cad-generated component location XYRS file-also called the parts position/rotation file or the machine pick-n-place file. Each CAD system will generate this, if requested. We place all SMT components by machine for all prototype orders.
3) Board X,Y, 0,0 reference designators; Board Fiducial Marks are appreciated but not required.
4) Cad-generated Gerber files for Top/Bottom Copper, Silkscreen, and Solderpaste. (We don’t need the soldermask file, but it’s ok to include in the zip file.)

In what formats do you accept parts?

A: Our unique handling system is designed to automatically feed loose parts, but we accept any format.  We gladly accept parts in cut tape, trays, tubes, reels, even bags if necessary…whatever. If you are ordering cut-tape from a vendor please request a continuous strip for the order quantity plus overage. We will provide bar coded part tags that you can securely attached to each part container.  Drop ship your parts to us, and make sure they have our build number with them for identification.

How do you handle Shipping and Handling?

A: We can ship UPS and FEDEX as requested. If you have a shipping account already established, please provide that information upon order confirmation and we will bill the shipment charges directly to you. Otherwise, we will prepay and add all shipping charges we’ve incurred to your invoice upon closing. All shipping is sent insured. A $50 handling fee is applied to all invoices.

What we do?

We are OEM PCB and PCBA manufacturer, that means we do custom product.

So if you cannot find ready products here. But if you have Gerber file, PCB file, BOM list or sample boards, then you are exactly our customers.

How about the delivery?

Normally, for sample order, our pcb delivery is about 5 days.

For small batch, our pcb delivery is about 7 days.

For mass production batch, our pcb delivery is about 12 days.

But that depends on the real condition when we get your order.


For PCBA order, there will be addational component procurement time, assembly time.

Normally, for sample order, our pcba delivery additional time is about 2 days.

For small batch, our pcba delivery additional time is about 5 days.

For mass production batch, our pcba delivery additional time is about 7 days.