PCB Components Procurement

1.Where are our components from?

High-class member of Mouser and Digikey, Also we are closely associated with some components factory like ST Texas Instrument muRata and so on, In China we have many different supplier in different level, so we can absolutely serve you different solution on PCBA.

2.How professional are we?

Experienced mining team will take care of components purchasing. Scientific testing instrumentationwill test them

Constant T and humidity storage is their living room

pcb product

3.What is our procurement cycle?

Factory shipments, remote order, improved transport channel will make components arrive timely.

4.What is our procurement service purpose?

Quality is our life.

Customer service is our pursuit.

PCB and PCBA Product Specification

PCB Product Specification:
  Surface processing  Lead- Free HASL/Plating gold / immersion gold /Plating gold finger/OSP
  Layers  1~24 layers
  Copper Thickness  O.5OZ~10OZ
  Board Thickness  0.2mm~3.2mm
  Min Hole Size  0.2mm
  Min Line Width  0.1mm
  Min Line Spacing  0.1mm
  Max board Size  Depends on customer’s requirements
  Solder mask type  Green/ Black/ Red/ Yellow/ White/Blue…
  Silk legend color  White / Yellow/ Black
  Data file format  GERBER file and corresponding drilling file, PROTEL series,BOM list
  Base material  FR4, CEM3,FR1,aluminum based board,High TG board, High frequency board
  Certifications  ISO9001:2000 ; TS16949; ROHS; SGS;
  PCB Assembly  DIP, SMD


PCBA Product Specification:
   Quantity  Prototype&Low Volume PCB Assembly&Mass production(without MOQ)
  Type of Assembly  SMT,DIP&THT
  Solder Type  Water Soluble Solder Paste,Leaded and Lead-Free
  Components  Passive Down to 0201 size; BGA and VFBGA; Leadless Chip Carriers/CSP
  Bare Board Size  Smallest:0.25*0.25 inches ; Largest:20*20 inches
  File Format  Bill of Materials; Gerber files; Pick-N-Place file
  Types of Service  Turn-key,partial turn-key or consignment
  Component Package  Cut Tape,Tube,Reels,Loose Parts
  Turn Time  Same day service to 15 days service
  Testing  Flying Probe Test; X-ray Inspection; AOI Test
  PCBA Process  SMT–Wave Soldering–Assembling–ICT–Function Testing