Reasons for Poor circuit board welding

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Circuit board welding process a lot of people will think that is not important, free to pick up the ferrochrome will melt to the need to join the place to put a finished, which caused the phenomenon of false solder and poor contact; and fear of tin bonding is not strong, chromium Iron for a long time to contact the solder joints, resulting in long-term heat damaged parts or copper circuit with the substrate from the copper circuit break, resulting in Circuit board welding open circuit. The above two cases will make the electronic production is not successful, and later will waste more time and manpower to check the circuit board on each solder joint and components, so the Circuit board welding method is not done well, you can determine the success of your chance is equal to zero.

circuit board welding

circuit board welding

The tin is low temperature fusible and easy aging of the Circuit board welding, the temperature is low, the tin showed no glue sticky, so that the circuit board copper foil and parts caused by false welding. When the temperature is moderate, the solder in the tin is semi-circular, reflective, is the best adhesion time, the parts quickly and the bottom of the circuit welding. When the temperature is too high, tin is round, tin surface color was matte, a crepe, said tin has been aging, will cause false solder joints appear. Therefore, from the tin grain shape of chrome iron Tsui know when Circuit board welding is the best time, the production of the success rate is how.

When circuit board welding, The finger print phenomenon if not guard, will give the product a great deal of damage caused by the hope that every contact with the circuit board welding processing staff have developed good habits, do not hand and skin directly contact the circuit board, reduce rework Rate, improve their work efficiency.


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