Aluminum PCB


Aluminum PCB consist of line layer, insulating layer, metal substrate.


It have good thermal Conductivity, and for aluminum base material can support strong enough electric current compared with FR-4 material. It use SMT is very effective to deal with heat diffusion. And can reduce product volume, then decrease the cost of hardware and pcb assembly. Lastly, it can low the product operating temperature and then lengthen its servise life.


Aluminum PCB use in audio device, electrical power unit, communication electronic equipment, automobile, computer, Power Module, LED. The application is very wide range

Aluminum PCBAluminum PCB

For special PCB, we could do follows:

Features                         Capability
Material                          Aluminum Base
Copper Thickness         3 to 6oz  (105um-210um)
Min line width               4mil (0.1mm)
Min line spacing            4mil (0.1mm)

Flex, Copper Thickness from 3-6oz could online quote automatically